Security Policy

LAST UPDATE: 02nd June 2020

Our users trust us to keep their data secure, private and accessible whenever required. Data of our users span from confidential personal documents such as ID Cards, Investment Information, Insurance Documents etc, to tasks & app notifications of all types.

At Sorted AI, we take the responsibility of data security very seriously and have systems to:

  • Prevents all unauthorized access
  • Continuously monitor potential vulnerabilities
  • Use & keep updated with all sorts of latest security tools to counter potential threats

1. Data Privacy

We make it a priority to be transparent in how we collect, use, and handle your information when you use our website and software. Please see our full privacy policy for more details.

2. Data Protection

All user data i.e., Uploaded Documents, Tasks, Reminders, Notes, Notifications, Personal Information, Account Information, and everything else are uploaded using best industry practices. We use TLS 1.1-1.2 secure channels and support both 128-bit / 256-bit configurations, depending on the browser. In brief, all the transportation form the client to the server is encrypted.

To host all user data, we use Amazon Web Services, which is one of the world's largest hosting services. and is trusted by numerous corporations. To prevent unauthorized remote access, we make extensive use of their built-in firewalls.

Uploaded Documents, Tasks, Reminders, Notes, Notifications, Personal Information, Account Information, and all other user data are all encrypted when stored. Encrypting these files when storing adds a security layer in addition to the security layer of the AWS.

To find more information on AWS security practices, please refer http://aws.amazon.com/security/.

3. Data Recovery and Reliability

All user data is automatically backed up on AWS servers with the capability to provide point-in­time recovery down to the second.

4. Sorted AI Account Access

We verify account access through Google Accounts authentication via OAuth 2.0.

OAuth provides a seamless way to create and access your account without Sorted AI ever needing to access or store your Google login credentials.

5. Sorted AI App Lock

In addition to all the above measures, you can also put an additional lock to your Sorted App to prevent unauthorized access to your data in case of loss of your mobile phone.

6. Report a Vulnerability

If you have discovered a security vulnerability on Sorted AI, please let us know on hello@sortedai.com. We will do our best to fix these right away.

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