What is Sorted?

Sorted AI is an Intelligent Document Organizer, Manager & Storage.


Just click a picture of the document from the sorted app


Share the document from photos, cloud storage or email and upload


Let Sorted take care of categorizing, tagging & storing the document

Screenshots of the Best Document Management Application. Sorted categorizes all your documents in once place and shows all the information related to the document.

Let the Documents work for You!

Ever struggled to find an important piece of document such as a Health insurance policy or missed an important payment/renewal date?

All of us try to manage important documents and related information in our lives through different means including cloud storage, device storage, offline documents and emails but still struggle to find it when required because it is not searchable, as we were lazy to rename the file from Scan10021.jpg to health_insurance_policy_2019.jpg or were not sure whether we put the document in Health Docs or Insurance Docs or some other folder!

Sorted is made just for you! Just upload / email / share the document, and all the next steps of sorting, categorizing, storing in proper folders & extraction of important information and highlighting, will be done automatically. Never worry about not having any important piece of information handy!

Awesome Features

Auto Segregation of Docs

Quick access Digital Vault for personal docs, bank details, appliance docs, education docs, insurance docs, rent agreements etc., segregated & tagged properly

Auto extraction of important info

Central information source for critical as well as day-to-day information such as OEM customer support number, nearest service centre, policy numbers, personal id numbers, service records etc.

Proactive System Alerts

Proactive alerts / reminders for actions required regarding the documents such as renewal dates, payment due dates, documents that need to be discarded etc.

App Screenshots

For our early adopter super heroes

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