Forgot an Insurance Renewal? Missed a Bill Payment Again? Misplaced a document?
Let Us Take Care of That For You!

Smart Document Manager, making the documents work for you!

Just upload documents & see the magic!

A person managing work and personal productivity efficiently using Sorted AI.

Struggling to keep track of important personal
documents & information?

With Sorted AI, this gets managed at one place, Automatically!


1. Easy Uploading

You can upload documents by using the app or website. You can also send email/whatsapp or link device folder / email / cloud storage for automatic upload of relevant documents

A group of people showing - how easy it is to upload documents on Sorted AI.


2. Smart Cataloguing

Sorted AI automatically segregates documents into categories such as Personal, Vehicle, Insurance, Appliances, Medical etc., making them easily accessible

A person searching for particular information on Sorted AI.


3. Automatic Reminders

Sorted AI automatically extracts important dates from the documents & sets-up reminders

Sorted AI working on the documents uploaded by users and helping them with reminders.


4. Central Repository of Information

Collates all important info from the documents as well as other information from the internet, related to the documents automatically, at one place

A central repository of all your information such as documents and related information on the internet.


5. Safe and Secure

All documents uploaded on Sorted AI are completely encrypted (256-bit encryption) and are stored on secure cloud servers. We take data security very seriously so that you can feel safe.

Safe and Secure storage of all the documents and information through 256-bit encryption

Do what you Love! Leave the Boring stuff to Sorted AI.

Users become stress free by using the Smart Document Manager, Sorted AI.

Get Sorted. Stay Organized.