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A person managing work and personal productivity efficiently using Sorted AI.

Struggling to Search & Organize
important personal information & documents?

With Sorted AI take care of docs, notifications, reminders & notes at one place.


1. Store & Find documents

Sorted AI can automatically categorize & organize documents, so that you can easily find them anytime. Just let the app fetch documents on your phone or upload manually.

Find Id Cards, Insurances, Bills & Warranties, Medical Records etc. anytime.

A person shows how easy it is to store, organize & find documents & information with Sorted AI.

2. Set Easy Reminders

Sorted AI identifies important dates in the documents & sets-up reminders automatically. It is also very easy to setup reminders manually using Reminotes feature.

Never forget Bill payments, B'days, Insurance renewal, Grocery shopping etc.

A person setting up reminders on Sorted AI.

3. Never miss an important Notification

Sorted AI automatically creates an organized history of SMS & all App Notifications at one place. Never miss an important notification regarding your upcoming flight or an event that you have to attend or that offer code which Uber sent you yesterday.

A person getting worried with a lot of notifications. Sorted AI manages it for the users.

4. Quickly take Notes for anything

Record your thoughts anytime, anywhere using Reminotes feature. Easily convert your notes into reminders or vice versa.

A person taking notes. It is very easy to take notes with Sorted AI.

5. Search Seamlessly

With Sorted AI search seamlessly through your Screenshots, Documents, Notifications, Reminders & Notes(RemiNotes).

Safe and Secure storage of all the documents and information through 256-bit encryption
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Set Reminders - One-time & Repeat, Take Notes &
Create Reminders for Others

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