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Q: Have you got a Life Insurance?

Answer, probably, is ‘Yes’ for a lot of people.

Q: Have you shared it with your family/spouse?

Surprisingly, the answer is ‘No’ for a lot of people (more than 57% as per our research).

I was also among those people who hadn’t shared important documents with their family because it was always too much of an effort to organize these things. I myself didn’t exactly know where stuff was! It would take me a significant effort in locating these documents/information when required. And as human nature is, we procrastinate things that we don’t enjoy doing, till the last moment when we are left with no other option.

Today, everyone is super busy in their lives juggling between family, work, friends, hobbies etc. In that hustle, very often, we would miss on some day-to-day tasks. We either forget a payment due date & pay a fine or struggle to locate an important document or forget an insurance renewal date etc. It is not because we don’t know how to manage these things or we don’t know how important these are. It is primarily because these tasks are boring & don’t feel like the best use of our time.

This was the case for me until the day there was a medical emergency and my wife couldn’t locate the health insurance document because I was not around to help her out. This triggered me to think about organizing important family documents to share with my family and keep handy for my use as well. I had the motivation but still it was a daunting task just because of the sheer volume of documents & the fact that they were all scattered.

Speaking to more people, I realized that it is a problem for others too. Unfortunately, a lot of people leave this till very late and end up in a situation where their family members end up suffering. For example, over USD 2 billion is stuck in India in unclaimed life insurance money! More in other categories of investments as well. The primary reason for that is that people never shared these important documents with their family members. And in case of a sudden demise, their families were left unaware & struggling. It is in fact a big problem for people across the globe.

Not doing proper financial planning & not informing the family about these things is a multi-layered problem with a lot of cultural & societal nuances & financial awareness issues. While we can’t solve all of these at one go, we want to make sure that ‘not being able to find time for it’, ‘not being organized in general’, ‘not prioritizing it’, ‘finding it a boring activity’ are not the reasons why people aren’t organizing & sharing the information.

Sorted AI is automating this process of organizing documents leveraging artificial intelligence, so that users don’t have to do anything to make sure all important things are organized and shared with their family members. They should be able to find what they need, when they need it.

- Snehanshu Gandhi
Founder, Sorted AI

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