Q: What is Sorted AI?

A: Sorted AI is your personal information manager. It helps you in organizing your documents automatically and get reminders like payment due date, insurance renewal, id card renewal etc.

Q: What all you can do with Sorted AI?

A: Sorted AI is your central repository of information, documents & reminders that makes your life Sorted. Below are some of the things that Sorted can do for you:
1. Maintain all your personal documents & papers at one place.
2. Share information & documents on one click via whatsapp & email.
3. Share your entire account with your family members, so that they are aware of all important things.
4. With the information extraction feature, you can quickly get critical information such as your Passport Number, PAN, Insurance Number etc.
5. Manage documents which have an upcoming action date such as travel documents, medical documents etc.
6. Get reminders on upcoming renewals and payment dues.

Q: How does it work?

Just upload the document to Sorted AI website or app and it will get automatically categorized as invoice, insurance, job document etc. Important information such as action date (renewal/payment date), ID number, policy number etc will be extracted for your ready reference.

Q: How to upload documents?

A: There are four easy ways of sharing documents:
1. Email the document as an attachment to
2. Link your Gmail / Google Drive account to Sorted AI and it will automatically extract relevant documents & organize them for you. Please signup here for early access.
3. Sorted AI Android app & Website allow you to upload files from your phone / computer or click photos of documents from your phone & upload.

Q: In what all categories can Sorted AI automatically organize/categorize documents?

A: Currently Sorted AI can automatically categorize under following categories, automatically:
1. Insurance
2. Financial
3. Personal
4. Travel
5. Medical
6. Education
7. Employment
8. Appliances
9. Vehicels
10. Utilities
11. Invoice
12. Others
If a particular document is eligible for 2 categories it is categorized in 2 categories for example - a driving license is categorized under Personal & Vehicles, a Vehicle Insurance is categorized under Vehicles & Insurance.

Q: Can I create my own tags/folders in Sorted AI?

A: Yes, you can easily create your own tags/folders. As soon as you upload the document/image, our AI engine automatically categorizes it to a folder but if you want to change the category or add a custom category - just click on the edit option below the document preview and here you can add a new tag and click on update. This will create the new category and add this particular document/image to that new category.

Q: How to share these documents with someone else?

A: There are two ways of sharing documents:
1. You can share these documents in one click via whatsapp or email, this option is visible inside a particular folder or on the document page.
2. You can share your entire account with a family member, which can be accessed from the main menu.

Q: What is 'My Docs' section?

A: This screen contains all the different folders where your documents are automatically categorized and stored.

Q: What is 'My Dashboard' section?

A: This section contains all the actionable upcoming dates such as a driving license renewal, bill payment date etc.

Q: How secure is Sorted AI?

A: We take data security very seriously and have taken below measures for ensuring that:
1. All the documents are encrypted (256-bit encryption) at multiple levels and stored on the highly secure servers.
2. Log in is supported only by Gmail and Mobile Number based OTP Login

Q: How to contact Sorted AI Team?

A: We are reachable through all our social handles and also can be reached by below channels:
1. Send a mail on
2. Reach out using the website chat option

Get Sorted. Stay Organized.